My Services
I support your R&D project in all development steps, beginning from the idea until the market-ready product. I also support your company with product management and would be happy to discuss the possibilities for future innovations.


leading and supporting

Project Management

- Management of Research and Development Projects

- Direct communication with customers, sales staff and project partners

- International

Product Management

- Organisation of product information

- Maintenance and improvement of product structures

- Reduction of the variety of parts

- Optimization of product variants

- Concepts of follow-up products

- Market research, identification of market gaps and development of new markets

- Upgrading/relaunching existing products

Interim CTO

Taking over the technical organization for startups and small businesses

- Initiation of collaborations with universities and research institutes

- Expansion of the development team

-  Collaboration with external specialists

- Process optimization

- Supervision of prospective university graduates until completion of the thesis



Scientific Consulting
- Physics
- Vacuum: methods and applications
- Low and high temperature: methods, calculations and simulations
- Measurement methods
- Microscopy techniques

Technical Consulting
- Vacuum technology: high vacuum, ultra high vacuum
- Very low temperature with fluid helium or nitrogen
- Ceramic and resistance heaters, Peltier elements

- Drive and control technologies
- Sensors, measuring instruments
- Piezo technology

R & D

leading and executing

System Development
- Machine, electronics and software development under one roof
- Creation of a requirement specification
- Modular development concepts
- Creation of a design concept
- Prototype production *
- Testing and optimizing

Software Development

- Desktop programs for measurements and visualizations

- Programs for analyzes and simulations
- Programming languages c#, c++, Python and others
- Programming techniques wpf, MVVM
- Interface programming Modbus, GPIB, CANopen

Electronic Device Development

- Electronic and control devices *

Machine Development


- Miniaturized machines *
- Scientific measuring instruments *

*) In cooperation with partner companies if no internal staff available.